We automate phone calls for better patient and staff interactions

Assort's AI-enhanced phone services simplify your healthcare operations by managing patient intake and inbound phone calls.

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Assort's Conversational AI fills your administrative staffing gaps

Our state of the art AI system handles large volumes of tedious and time-consuming phone calls for patient intake.

By overhauling these common yet frustrating tasks, we alleviate staffing pressures within health systems, enhance call resolution rates, and create a more pleasant, patient-centric experience.

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Improve patient experience while lowering your costs

  • Lower wait times, 24/7 service

    Powered by AI, our product operates 24/7, reducing wait times and dropped calls even during high call volumes, ensuring quality service at all hours.

  • Serve more patients

    Automate time-consuming tasks like scheduling, follow-ups, perscription refills, and elgibility checks so you can serve more patients reliably and efficiently.

  • Quality Assurance

    Through recording and evaluating all call center activities, daily quality checks, and direct access to founders, we guarantee superior service integrity. 

  • Simple integration

    Assort provides direct integration with your Electronic Health Records (EHR) and establishes a seamless connection with your phone system. 

  • Secure data systems

    • Full HIPAA compliance 
    • Weekly PHI Anonymization and purge post-EHR transfer 
    • Encrypted data transfers meeting HITECH and ISO 27001 standards
  • Seamless workflow

    We optimize for desired patient mix and provider preferences and dedicate a full-time assistant to your physicians to handle any real-time changes or issues.

Realize impressive results with a simple implementation

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    Engage with our experts to identify your needs and we'll develop a tailored call and task implementation plan just for you.
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    Run Assort in parallel with your existing team, with all interactions recorded for auditing and quality.
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    Get notified as tasks are completed and witness the value added to your business via our comprehensive metrics dashboard


Can’t find your EHR? Don’t worry! Assort is easily integrated using open standards, including HL7, FHIR, CCD, CSV and more.


Assort Health's founders have built healthcare technology used by thousands of patients and providers through their work at UCSF, Stanford, Athelas and more.

  • Jonheadshot
    Jon Wang
    AI + Healthcare

    Former UCSF med student and Stanford ML research scientist with 7 publications, pivoted careers during the COVID-19 to found a mental health company, Shimmer. Now, building Assort.

  • Jeffupcloseheadshot
    Jeffery Liu

    Duke computer science and economics graduate that held prominent roles as Athelas' Head of Product Engineering and as a Software Engineer at Facebook and Cameo.

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